How To: Stretch Natural Hair with No Heat | Threading Method (mabhanzi)

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Hey Guys, As you are all aware, I cut my hair a few months back and I'm trying this whole no heat, minimal damage thing. I remember back in the day when I was younger, my mum or our house maid used to thread our hair as a style. All the used [...]

How To | Dye A Wig | Style Bangs/Fringe | ft EvaWigs

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  I recently recorded a review on this hair from Evawigs (I recently recorded a review on this hair from Evawigs (here) and I wasn't too keen on the hair colour as you saw in the video. So I decided to dye to a more natural hair colour against my skin tone. You can't [...]

Protective Hair Styles v Low Manipulation Styles

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As we continue on this hair journey business, its best to know the lingo and terms including the options you may have. Many try to transition but do not know the basic terminology. In this video I wanted to share with you the difference between protective hair [...]

Review | RPGShow | Khloe Inspired Hair | cls017-s

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As I'm transitioning, sometimes I cannot be bothered to do my hair so I love this protective style. Its quick and simple and always saves the day!! You can watch the video where I speak about the reasons behind my decision of going natural here. The details of this hair are below. [...]