How to Convert to Organic Skincare and Why

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  A lot of people are promoting organic skincare these days. Others are taking it a step further by saying that their products are vegan too. My drains were clogging up the other day and my mum brought acoustic soda to unclog them. Caustic soda is also used to make soap! They call it [...]

How To | Easy Simple DIY Whipped Coconut Oil Moisturizer

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Hey Everyone, The worst thing about living in the UK when it comes to skincare is that the coconut oil is constantly solid and it is a nightmare to scoop it in that state. To make it easier to apply the oil in its solid form, whip it! Watch the video above [...]

Cinnamon Mashed Sweet Potato with Cobbler Fillet and Spinach

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Hey Guys, As promised, I’ll  be posting some of my meals that have been contributing to my ‘healthy lifestyle’ and skincare. Cinnamon is a small spice that boasts enormous health benefits. You don’t have to like cinnamon to reap its health benefits, adding a little bit of it to your favorite meal will be [...]