Rehydrating Rose Toner



Steam distilled from whole plant materials and contains all the beneficial properties of the plant, but in a milder form than the essential oil. It is an excellent natural toner, which will hydrate and condition your skin anytime.

Rehydrating Rose Toner balances, cools and hydrates all skin types. It softens and soothes skin while reducing dryness and leaves skin refreshed. It tones your face and primes your skin to absorb moisturizer.

It’s an excellent natural option for hormonal, sensitive, mature, or reactive skin types. This Toner can help those struggling with complexion imperfections whether caused by hormonal imbalances or sensitive reactions to outer stimuli.

The softly unique aroma of rose geranium both uplifts the mind and comforts reactive or fragile skin. This versatile Toner performs a number of functions, including restoring balance to a troubled complexion. Your fragile skin has a friend in our Toner – a highly effective and universal skin-care tool for all.



Use after cleansing with the Ndanaka Face Wash. Spray onto a cotton ball and gently pat over face. Or spray directly onto face, leave to air dry or pat a cotton ball over the face.

Our toner is suitable for all skin types and can be mixed with any of our moisturizing oil for increased absorbency. Can be used daily, day and night or throughout the day to hydrate your skin.



Avoid contact with eyes and keep away from children. Keep away from direct sunlight. Keep in a cool, dry and dark place.

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  • Organic Rose Geranium Hydrosol